Michael Sean Alexander

I am currently the Senior Video Editor for Stream, an energy and opportunity company in Dallas.

Before Stream, I was a Multimedia / Digital Producer for AT&T in Richardson.

I am proficient in graphic design, photography, writing, shooting, and editing, with a solid foundation and education in advertising/marketing.

Adobe CC: Pr, Ae, Ps, Ai, Lr

My freelance work can be categorized into two areas: corporate videos and short films (what was CREWW Media) and wedding photography/videography (Alex & Alexander Photography). In my first year of operation, I rose from obscurity and was ranked #2 wedding videographer in my area on Thumbtack.com. I also placed first in Dallas Comedy House’s short film contest three times and fourth in the national 5-Hour Energy online video competition. I love every aspect of production: establishing a relationship with the client, developing a strategic communication plan, writing, shooting, directing, editing – all of it.

Before CREWW Media, I spent 2 years in the financial industry as an integrated marketing coordinator, then manager. I mastered the back-end operations for a micro-site generation software, developed the company’s first legitimate email campaign – as well as designed advertising/marketing assets for a direct mail campaign. I supervised a team of outbound marketing representatives and created an accountability system to measure and optimize their performance. Some of my responsibilities included creative strategy (graphic design and copywriting), designing customizable email templates for our many clients scattered across the Southwest while upholding brand consistency. I was the first to introduce the importance of branding and how integral it is to a company’s overall success.

I first developed my passion for all things creative while studying at The University of Texas at Arlington, working as a copy editor at the internationally-recognized newspaper, The Shorthorn. I won “Headline of the Week” nine times and was also named [proprietarily-branded equivalent of] “Employee of the Week.” In December of 2011 I led a team of fellow advertising majors to Detroit, MI where we placed third out of more than 60 universities across the country in the Chevy Sonic Marketing Challenge hosted by EdVenture Partners.

And even though it only seems to help me in restaurants so far, I am also fluent in Spanish!

I can work alone (jamming on my headphones, jacked up on coffee), or in a group setting – whether with other creatives or a mixed crowd.

I love to work and I love to win. Participation awards are for… well, me when I was younger BUT NOT ANYMORE –>